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Project Registration

If you know which tool you are going to use then you can register a project here, for which different registration routes exist. Click on the links below to register your project – please note that all Green Star New Build, Interiors, Existing Building Performance and EWP projects must register via the GBCSA Certification Engine (link below). EDGE and Green Star – Communities projects have a different registration form, as per below links provided. To find out more about the Certification Engine click here.

Read article about the evolution of the GBCSA certification engine here


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Certification Pricing

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Certification process

STEP 1: Register

Register to declare your intent to pursue certification under a specific rating tool. Projects should register as soon as possible although there is no deadline during the design or construction process. The full Certification Fee is due at this point and you must submit an executed Certification Agreement so that we can finalise the registration.
Note that registration is not project certification – certification is only awarded once a project has demonstrated its achievement of a certain rating level.

STEP 2: Prepare Submission

The project team prepares all the relevant documentation, drawings and calculations to satisfy the Green Star SA credit requirements. All the required documentation must be submitted in one package of 4 identical digital files.
Documentation must adhere to the documentation requirements outlined in the relevant Green Star SA Technical Manual. Assessors will not award points unless it is demonstrated that all the requirements have been met as detailed in the Technical Manual.
Please use the Green Star SA Submission Credit Coversheet Round 1 at the beginning of every credit.

STEP 3: Round 1 Submission

If you have submitted a Credit Interpretation Request (CIR), an assessment cannot take place until it has been resolved.
The GBCSA may conduct a pre-assessment review of your submission. You may be asked to resubmit if this review suggests that the quality of the submission would result in an excessive number of credits denied or credits “to be confirmed”. There is no fee for the pre-assessment.

STEP 4: Round 1 Assessment

The GBCSA commissions a Certification Assessment Panel – made up of one or more third party assessors and an independent chair – which reviews the submission and makes recommendations. The GBCSA may question the findings of the Certification Assessment Panel.
We will then send you the results of your Round 1 assessment. Your project may accept the results as the final rating or request to resubmit documentation for credits “to be confirmed” for a Round 2 assessment.

STEP 5: Round 2 Submission

Projects may resubmit documentation for credits “to be confirmed”. Each project has only one opportunity for resubmission, which may include:
• Additional or revised documentation to demonstrate fulfilment of Credit Criteria
• Alteration to project design that results in meeting Credit Criteria
• Credit Interpretation Requests (CIRs) to clarify alternative compliance.
Please use the Green Star SA Submission Credit Coversheet Round 2 at the beginning of every credit.
To make sure you receive Round 2 assessment results within 4 weeks of submission, you must inform us of the date you intend to submit your Round 2 documents at least 2 weeks before your submission. Due to cost of arranging an Assessment Panel, late submissions are subject to a penalty fee of R1,000.
• Use this form to notify us: Submission Notification Form
• Complete and submit this pre-submission checklist: Green Star SA Pre-Submission Checklist Round 2

STEP 6: Round 2 Assessment

Assessment of Round 2 submissions follows the same process as the Round 1 assessment.

STEP 7: Certified Rating Awarded

We notify project teams of their score based on the recommendation of the Assessment Panel and, if applicable, on the innovation credit awarded by the Green Building Council SA. With a Certified Rating, the project receives a certificate, award letter, marketing tips and the relevant Green Star SA logos.
If your project does not achieve the desired Certified Rating, you may, in limited circumstances, be eligible to appeal the rating for a fee of R5,000 per credit.


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