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Marketing Your Project

Make the most of your Green Star SA certification with these marketing tips.

What’s in a name?

If a project is registered with Green Building Council SA it can claim: “Registered for a Green Star SA – [Office Design, Office As Built etc] rating” – even before a rating is awarded. Once a project has been awarded a Green Star SA rating, it can claim its Green Star rating on all materials.

Only projects that have been registered and certified by the Green Building Council SA can make these claims.

Tell the world

A plaque showing your Green Star SA rating will be presented to the project owner when certification is achieved. This can form part of the project opening or launch and the plaque can be displayed in your reception area. You will also get certified project certificates which you can frame and display to show the world your green credentials. Why not produce a hoarding / banner for the project site promoting your successful Green Star SA certified rating to staff, stakeholders and passing traffic? Or if you have registered your project, the hoarding could advertise this: “aiming for a Green Star SA certification.”

Make use of the marque

The Green Building Council SA will provide a Green Star SA marque logo showing the rating achieved and the rating tool that was used. You can use this in promotional materials, advertising, electronic media and billboards. The logo can also be used by the project team in presentations on the Green Star SA certified building, but only with specific reference to the certified building and not to promote the organisation generally.


Your Green Star SA rating is likely to attract media attention. The Green Building Council SA may produce a media release about the your Green Star SA certified rating of your building. Work with us to spread the word about your green building leadership to reach the wider South African audience.


Representatives of the Green Building Council SA can attend the launch or opening of your project, enhancing the opportunities for press coverage and exposure. There are also opportunities to present the story of your project as a case study at Green Building Council SA events. Our conferences, events, courses and launches are a platform to find other presentation opportunities.


The Green Building Council SA announces all newly certified projects on this website, in our e-newsletter which goes to over 7,000 property professionals as well as through social media.

Case study

A case study of your project is created by the Green Building Council SA and is loaded on the website when your project is certified. Your case study will form part of a searchable database of best practice green building. You can link to this from your own website and use it in media packs or to accompany press releases.


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