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This section of our website lists links to sites with interesting and useful information. Please note that the GBCSA does not endorse any views or products promoted in any of the listed websites or documents.


WWF Water Files #4Toilets

Many people in drought-affected areas are getting really worried about what will happen when we don't have

enough water to flush the toilets. There are alternative dry sanitation solutions that you can start looking at now,

both in preparation for Day Zero and to reduce your water use to delay Day Zero for as long as possible. READ MORE  

WWF's Wednesday Water File: It's Time to Prepare for Day Zero

For the last few months, Capetonians have been talking about Day Zero, the day when the city’s taps are expected to run dry but what does this really mean?

WWF Water File

Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark

GRESB is an industry-driven organisation committed to assessing the sustainability performance of real estate portfolios (public, private and direct) around the globe. View site  


BREEAM is the world's foremost environmental assessment method and rating system for buildings, with 250,000 buildings with certified BREEAM assessment ratings and over a million registered for assessment since it was first launched in 1990. View site  

Green Star

Green Star is a comprehensive, national, voluntary environmental rating system that evaluates the environmental design and construction of buildings and communities, mainly in Australasia. View site


At its core, LEED is a program that provides third-party verification of green buildings. View site  

Living Building Challenge

  The Living Building Challenge is a philosophy, advocacy platform and certification tool. View site  

Global Reporting Initiative

The GRI's mission is to make sustainability reporting standard practice for all organisations. View site  

World Business Council for Sustainabile Development

Business solutions for a sustainable world. View site

US Green Building Council

The U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) is a nonprofit organisation committed to a prosperous and sustainable future for our nation through cost-efficient and energy-saving green buildings. View site  

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