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‘My Green Home’ tells the story of how one South African family change their home to help change the world – and shows how you can too. The Ngewana family are getting a ‘green home makeover’ and will improve their daily habits to show you how to save money and help save the Earth. 

The aim is to show the positive impact one family can have by living a more energy efficient and environmentally conscious lifestyle. This website tracks the journey of the Ngewana family, to inform and inspire you and others to take action in your own homes.



Their journey will go like this:

  • In March, it’s ‘business as usual’ for the family, as we install meters to check and analyse their consumption information.
  • In April, the family get training and they start with ‘no cost’ changes to influence their habits and behaviour.
  • In May, the big ‘retrofit’ transforms the house with energy efficient technology and Earth-friendly products installed from top to bottom, inside and out. The competitions start in May too.
  • In June, when the house is as efficient as possible, renewable energy is added, with ‘solar photo-voltaic’ panels on the roof to generate some of their electricity needs.
  • Through to August, we watch to see how much they can save and how their lifestyle changes

We encourage you to engage with this initiative and take action in your own home. Share, comment and upload your photos and win some great giveaways. The My Green Home website will be a great resource offering no cost, low cost and invest to save options to move towards a more sustainable way of doing things at home. Follow the Ngewana family and get started on “My Green Home”

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