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Green Star SA in Africa

The Green Star SA rating tools were developed specifically for the environmental, regulatory and social context of South Africa. The Green Star SA rating system is therefore a natural touch point for green building movements and councils in other parts of Africa.

But Africa is not a country, it is a widely diverse and varied continent which is bearing the brunt of the negative effects of climate change. Green building has never been more urgent for the continent. The Green Building Council SA therefore seeks to work with other green building councils and structures like the African Network of Green Building Councils to adapt Green Star SA tools for specific local contexts.

The Green Building Council of South Africa works in collaboration with emerging Green Building Councils throughout Africa and allows the adaptation of the Green Star SA tools for certification in the respective countries. Each country develops a Local Context Report which is then reviewed by both the Green Building Council of South Africa and the Green Building Council of Australia. Once approved, this allows for projects within the specific countries to be certified using a Green Star SA tool, with some adaptations identified in the Local Context Report.

To date, Local Context Reports have been developed for Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, Rwanda, Namibia and Mauritius with the GBCSA working in collaboration with the relevant Green Building Councils in order to certify buildings in these countries. Certification using these Local Context Reports is via the GBCSA, so the normal registration and certification processes with the GBCSA will apply. Register your project here.



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