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About GBCSA Education

We are really excited to tell you about how we have upgraded and updated the programmes and courses we offer. 

We use a blended learning as our new model for our education to bring you the very best training for the use and application of the Green Star SA rating tools for professionals working in the built environment and property industries.

Blended learning models combine the physical and the virtual classroom allowing students to learn as individuals in their own time and apply their learning to scenarios based problems when coming together with their peers. This particular model is widely known as a “flipped classroom” Students learn the theory at home in a supported online environment in their own time and at their own pace and then come together in a real life classroom environment to apply their learning in a group situation where the focus is on peer to peer support, group discussion and collective problem solving. This is where the real magic happens!

This blended model of learning has shown in studies to increase student engagement, attendance and performance.

We have rolled out 3 brand new Green Star SA Accredited Professional programmes to correspond with the three broad types of rating tools on offer. All of which are open for bookings. This means that our education offerings align exactly with all our tools. These new programmes give the learner a much more in-depth and interactive learning experience and better equips them to support their project teams in designing, constructing and operating greener buildings.

We offer in house training for groups at discounted prices. So please remember that if you have 20 or more professionals requiring training in the use the Green Star SA tools, please do get in touch with us and let us know your needs.



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