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Affordable Housing Investment Summit

When it comes to the construction of affordable houses in Africa, the challenges that most of the developers, consultants and architects face are:

1.    Shortage of finance from the investors

2.    Lack of cost effective building materials

These primary challenges encountered by affordable housing developers, architects and consultants are highly complex and interdependent which makes them impossible to be solved by a single body The Affordable housing Investment Summit which is set to happen on June 26-27, 2019 at the Radisson Blu, Nairobi, Kenya addresses these issues through various stakeholders including Government officials, investors, financial bodies, REITs suppliers, project developers, architects, consultants who will be present at the event.

There will be more than 50 angel investors and venture capitalists from all over the globe who are seeking potential investments in the affordable housing sector across Africa.

Key features on why you should attend AHIS 2019?

·         Network with the Decision Makers from the leading Investment Companies who are looking to infuse their investments in budding affordable housing sector

·         A wide range of unique Panel Discussions & Networking Sessions including a gala cocktail dinner to facilitate the exchange of insights and foster strong partnerships amongst the industry’s top professionals

See the complete list of eminent speakers (Link to the speaker page)

·         Exclusive ‘Exhibition Area’ where the leading solution providers will showcase their latest and innovative products for Affordable Housing.

Exclusive to Delegates, Speakers and Solution Providers this represents an immense opportunity to establish long-lasting business connections with the top-notch industry representatives, all within a social and relaxed environment.

To gain more information you can call  at +44 20 3455 4255 or write  at [email protected].

Individual Membership

Designed for professionals acting in their individual capacity, including single consultant-businesses.

Organisational Membership

Ideal for companies, government departments, and organisations.

  • Total Employees: 1 - 5 Employees - R 4080.00
  • Total Employees: 6 - 20 Employees - R 12570.00
  • Total Employees: 21 - 50 Employees - R 24690.00
  • Total Employees: 51 Plus Employees - R 43840.00

Lisa Reynolds

Chief Executive Officer & Executive Director

Lisa Reynolds is the CEO of the Green Building Council South Africa.

Lisa was the driver for the drafting of Energy Efficiency Standards and Regulations for Buildings and has been involved in Energy Efficiency since 2003. She serves on many committees in the SABS and within the energy management professionals’ space. She was President of the SAEEC from 2016 to 2019 and was the previous President of the ESCo (Energy Services Companies) Association. Lisa was instrumental in the formation of SAFEE (Southern African Females in Energy Efficiency) within SAEEC.

She has assisted the South African Government with its Green Building Framework policies, Energy Efficiency Tax Incentives and Energy Efficiency Strategies

Her passion for the “Green space” started with the birth of the Green Building Council in 2007. Lisa served on the Board and the Technical Committee of the GBCSA, as well as on several Technical Working Groups for Rating Tools and Criteria. Lisa. became CEO in June 2020.

Lisa has a BSc, an MBA and a CEM. Lisa’s awards include the 2007 ETA Award for Women, 2008 Individual Energy (SAEE), 2012 SABS Standards Writer Award; the 2014 Women in Energy (SAWIEN); and the 2016 Ian Lane Hall of Fame award.

Lisa is committed to growing the Green Economy within a Green Recovery.

Organisational categories

As an organisational member, you will fall into one of the below categories, and be charged according to specific size indicators. Please reach out to us for any further clarity on which category is best for your organisation

Property Developers

Annual Turnover

Investors, Owners, Property Managers

Total Asset Value

Major Corporate Tenants & Retail

Annual Gross Rentals

Building Contractors

Annual Turnover

Building Product Manufacturers & Distributors

Annual Turnover

Professional Services: Architects, Designers, Engineers, Quantity Surveyors, PM’s, Consultants, Legal

Number of employees

Research, Higher Education, NGO’S & Regulators

NGO or Research/Higher Education/ Regulators

Related Interests: Utilities, Financial, Insurance, etc.

Annual Turnover


Local/ municipal/ provincial/ state 
Contact GBCSA to confirm your category